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The First Virtual Land NFT Game Built on the Real World!

Join the Community...

Pre Sale: Tier 1 Assets (Countries)

13 NovWave 1 β€” SOLD OUT!
20 NovWave 2 β€” SOLD OUT!
27 NovWave 3 β€” SOLD OUT!

Public Sale: Tier 2 Assets (Region/States)


Provisionary Launch for Country Rulers πŸ‘‘

1st Round (first 50 slots)
08 Apr 07:30 AEST/07 Apr 21:30 UTC
2nd Round (first 50 slots)
08 Apr 19:30 AEST/08 Apr 09:30 UTC

Public Launch

09 Apr 07:30 AEST/08 Apr 21:30 UTC

Here's How It Works...

ULAND is the first of its kind Crypto project where NFT virtual land is mapped to real countries, states and cities COMBINED with its own $$ULAND currency to create an insulated, organic and secure economy where Ulanders (that's YOU) can trade and earn in-game rewards.

Let's start with an example...

  1. Imagine for a second, where you can be the ruler of any country...
  2. You visit the World Map, and decide to


    United States of America.
  3. You are now the


    of the U.S. (Or

    King, Queen, President

    , you choose!) you can even give your land a tagline, if you wish!
  4. The receipt of your ownership is now yours, as a BEP-721 NFT.
  5. This is yours forever, unless you decide to sell it. You may wish to hold however, because πŸ‘‡
  6. Every State and City sold thereafter in the USA, you


    via Distribution Rewards. πŸ’°
  7. $ULAND also has its own currency, the

    $ULAND Token (BEP-20)

    . Every time someone BUYS or SELLS our Token you receive a % of the transaction based on the population of the Land/s you own.
  8. To keep your investment secure and to increase the value of both your Lands and Tokens, a % of all NFT and$ULANDToken purchases and sales is transferred into

    Locked Liquidity

    πŸ”’, thereby pumping $ULANDs economy

    organically and continually

  9. Down the track, CITIZEN's will be invited to move in to your City by buying PASSPORT's. Unlocking unparalleled rewards opportunities for the earliest Land Holders.
  10. This is a community-driven project, built for our users!

Want to learn more? Check our FAQ and Tokenomics Breakdown.

Navigate a Real-World Virtual Map and Buy Countries, States, Provinces And Cities Around The Globe on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network!

Binance Smart Chain

Earn Rewards Through Fees! πŸ’°

πŸŒ€ ULAND Ecosystem

ULAND has a one of a kind ecosystem which continually feeds itself between Land Asset NFTs and the $ULAND token. Check it out in full detail below.

Features & Benefits

Be Part Of The NFT Boom!

Every Land Location is an NFT. 🌎 Join the NFT Crypto Revolution and amass countries, states, provinces and cities, to buy, sell and trade!

Own Your City, Be Your Own Ruler

Be the πŸ‘” President, πŸ‘‘ King, πŸ‘‘ Queen or Mayor of your own Country, or why not the city you live in?

Earn Rewards

Via Distribution Rewards accrued in $ULAND Token for every Land Location bought in every hierarchy level underneath you! - It literally pays to buy those countries and states fast!

What's That, A Token Too?

ULAND NFT is deeply tied to our sibling token - πŸ’² $ULAND token. A token built for our users, providing regular BEP-20 investment and liquidity opportunities plus contains the '$ULAND Airdrop Pool', which continually increases towards a Jackpot unleashing a wave of tokens paid out to one of our lucky Land Asset NFT Holders.

Users First

Every step of the way, we have followed an ethos: This system is about our users and community. Not about us; We have taken meticulous effort to build a system WE want to use and REWARDS you every step of the way (and if we love it, we hope you will too!).

Looking to the Future...


You're in early! But others won't be so lucky...... Earn PASSIVE INCOME via Thousands of Citizenships contributing to the CITIZEN Pool.

Want to earn a massive 10% on community mints?

Simply share your unique referral link with others, if they buy a Location NFT, you earn $ULAND rewards.

Visit our Refer & Earn page for more details!


5% - Team πŸ±β€πŸ‘€

5% - Giveaways/Airdrops πŸ›«

10% - Burn πŸ”₯

75% - Public sale 🌍

(50% locked πŸ”’ and released as liquidity via NFT sales)

5% - Marketing & Partners πŸ“±

Land Assets

BEP-721 NFTs

πŸ–Ό Every location is an NFT - Amass countries, states, provinces, cities and hold and trade in the World Map NFT Marketplace!

πŸ’Ž Distribution to Liquidity Pool: 2.5%

πŸ’° 5% distributed to Land Holders who own Land above you in the hierarchy, in the form of $ULAND Distribution Rewards. These rewards are distributed and shared evenly, splitting 50% each time upwards, with the final highest hierarchy (Countries) earning the remainder.
In cases of initial mint (where there is no previous owner) 92.5β€”97.5% of the sale price will be distributed entirely to Liquidity, no developer fees. For further detail see our Whitepaper.

πŸ“± Distribution to ULAND Marketing Pool: 2.5%

$ULAND Token


πŸ’Ž Buy/Sell Fee as Distribution to Liquidity Pool: 5%

πŸ’° Buy/Sell Fee as Distribution Reward, Shared proportionately by Land Holders: 2.5%

Total Supply: 1000000000

πŸ”’ 2.6K+ BNB Liquidity Locked

πŸ’Ή Organic growth in $ULAND due to Liquidity Injection via Land Asset NFTs
πŸ’Ή Multiple Layered Reward System

Smart Contracts

BEP-721 β€” ULAND NFT (Official Assets)

Responsible for storing Land Asset NFTs.

BEP-20 β€” $ULAND Token

Responsible for BEP-20 compatible $ULAND Token.


Responsible for $ULAND & NFT MetaVerse interactions and functionality.


We're excited to show you everything we have in store for you! πŸ˜„

Unsure on something? We've created a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you travel around ULAND!

Got more questions, want to chat with us or the community? Jump into the Discord!




Pre Sale Tier 1 Land Assets & Token Launch

  • Country Land NFT Asset Release in three waves finalising on 27th Nov 23:00 UTC. Discount starts at 30% off standard price, price increases by a fixed % every 6 hours.
  • $ULAND Token Launched on Biswap, tradable and accruing fees and rewards for users

Public Sale Tier 2 & New Marketplace

In Progress
  • Grid-based Marketplace for listing/viewing Land Asset NFTs.
  • Ability for Country owners to unlock Tier 2 (Regions/states/provinces) and Custom Taxes.
  • Transact in our official in-game currency: $ULAND
  • More Giveaways 🎁, Secret Competitions & Treasure Hunts
  • Continuous UI/UX improvements


Early Q1

Tier 2 Land Assets

  • Multiple Tier 2 Land Asset Waves 🌊
  • Update Ruler Name, Title and Tagline β€” Make your Country stand out! πŸ‘‘
  • Security Audit by CertiK
Mid Q1

Introduction to ULAND Game (P2E)

  • Our P2E (aka. ULAND Game) β€” Think Monopoly, Civilization, Catan!
    Phase 1: Resources.

    (More information to be unveiled later).
  • Ability for Tier 2 Land Holders to unlock Tier 3 - Cities.
Late Q1

ULAND Game: Phase 2, Tier 4 Land Assets!

  • ULAND Game: Phase 2. Enable trade - Utilise your Ports, Airports, Mines and Natural Resources for Trade, Farming & Research, Casinos for further rewards.
  • Introduction to the ULAND World Trade. Exchange resources and items you may wish to buy or sell with other users or sell directly to the World Trade for in-game currency $ULAND!
  • Tier 4 Land Assets released for sale. This brings a whole new dimension of assets for sale in ULAND! From famous Landmarks, Resorts, Hotels, Beaches, to Oil Rigs, Sea Ports and Airports!

Citizens/Passports, Trading & Crafting

  • πŸͺ΅ + πŸͺ¨ = βš’οΈ
  • Citizenship and more rewards models.
  • Utilise Passports and attract Citizens to your land.
  • Voting Power & Politics - Initiate Negotiations & Treaties. Make decisions that affect the future of your Land and others.
  • Calling all 3D Designers! πŸ“£ NFT 3D Marketplace for objects, buildings, landmarks and iconic locations, ability to collect them with your choice to set these as your Tier 4 Land Asset on the Map!
  • Geo-based NFT Marketplace.
  • AppStore for NFT projects.
Partnering with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network

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